One thing that is synonymous with the Pacific Northwest is fantastic coffee. Portland is on everyone’s list of the best coffee cities in the world, and we couldn’t agree more.

Portland’s coffee scene constantly evolves, with new coffee shops, roasters, and brewing methods emerging daily.

Some say that Portland has the most coffee businesses per capita, but according to one source, that title goes to our sister across the Willamette. Vancouver, Washington, is ranked #2 in the country, with one coffee business per 2,224 people. Portland is one business per 2,322 people, but with 641,000 people living in Portland, that’s a lot of coffee!

But aside from the numbers, here are some other fun facts about Portland’s Coffee Scene.

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Portland, Oregon’s Coffee Scene

  1. Portland was home to the first Starbucks location outside Seattle, which opened in 1984.
  2. Portland hosts an annual coffee festival called “Portland Coffee Week,” featuring events, tastings, and workshops dedicated to celebrating the city’s coffee culture.
  3. Portland has a strong DIY coffee culture, and many residents roast their own beans at home using small-batch roasters.
  4. Coffee cupping events are popular in Portland, allowing coffee enthusiasts to taste and compare different varieties of beans and learn about flavor profiles.
  5. Stumptown Coffee Roasters, one of the most well-known coffee roasters in the United States, was founded in Portland in 1999.
  6. Portland strongly emphasizes sustainability and eco-friendly practices in the coffee industry. Many coffee shops prioritize organic and fair-trade beans and environmentally friendly packaging and brewing methods.
  7. Portland’s coffee scene is known for its creativity and experimentation. You can find unique coffee concoctions like lavender lattes, turmeric-infused cappuccinos, and innovative brewing methods like the Japanese pour-over technique.
  8. Portland also has several coffee shops known for their unique or quirky atmospheres.
  9. Portland coffee is experiencing a “fourth wave” and redefining itself to be even more unique and more inclusive.

Exploring the city’s coffee culture can be an exciting and ever-changing experience for coffee enthusiasts. Be sure to check out our list of some of our favorite coffee shops when traveling around town.

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