In the world of businesses, event hosting, and construction, unexpected situations can arise at any moment, disrupting our daily lives, plans, or routines. From water issues at stores or businesses to renovations at home, or the lack of handicap-accessible restrooms in buildings, these challenges need simple and reliable solutions. At American Sanican, we stay ready to meet these needs with a range of services designed to ensure hygiene and comfort in any situation in the Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA area.

Water Issues at Stores or Businesses

Water main breaks, leaking pipes, or utility interruptions can force businesses to close restrooms or not have access to sinks, posing significant challenges for both employees and customers. During issues like these, maintaining hygiene is crucial to avoid health risks, keep any food or beverage service running smoothly, and not disappoint customers. American Sanican provides an effective response with portable toilets and wash sinks that can be quickly stationed as needed.

These facilities ensure that businesses can continue to operate, while maintaining necessary standards of cleanliness and customer satisfaction. For example, if a cafe’s main sink pipes spring a leak, they need to shut off the water supply in order for a plumber to make a repair. With our wash stations, we can bring in a temporary sink so that employees can continue to prep and serve food while keeping their hands (and utensils) clean.

Home Emergencies or Renovations

Home renovations or unexpected plumbing issues can leave households without functional restrooms for multiple days. In these scenarios, a portable toilet offers a convenient and hassle-free solution. Whether it’s a short-term bathroom remodel or a more extensive project, our portable units ensure that families can continue their daily routines without interruption. These units provide the comfort and hygiene homeowners need during challenging times. In addition to renovations, if there are plumbing problems or water main issues that are out of your control, placing a portable restroom in your yard can alleviate the stress of uncertainty and keep your home functioning as usual.

Lack of Handicap Accessible Restrooms

Restroom sign

Accessibility is a fundamental right, and every public or private facility should cater to individuals with mobility aids or disabilities. Unfortunately, not all buildings are equipped with handicap-accessible restrooms, which can be a significant inconvenience for those who need them. American Sanican offers ADA-compliant portable restrooms that are designed to accommodate anyone with disabilities, providing ample space and necessary features to ensure ease of use and comfort.

These units can be quickly deployed to any location, so that all individuals have access to proper sanitation facilities. Outdoor events such as farmers markets or festivals can often prove inaccessible to people with mobility issues, so an accessible restroom can go a long way in making everyone feel safe and welcomed at events this summer.

Need for Hand Washing Sinks

Hand hygiene is critical, especially in environments where food is being served, or where water issues or temporary facilities might pose a challenge. American Sanican’s portable hand washing stations provide an essential solution for maintaining cleanliness in any setting. Equipped with foot-operated pumps for hands-free operation, these sinks are perfect for construction sites, outdoor events, and emergency situations where regular sinks or hand washing facilities are unavailable. Consistent hand washing practices help prevent the spread of germs and ensure that hygiene standards are upheld, even in less-than-ideal situations.

When emergencies arise, American Sanican is a trusted partner for delivering sanitation solutions. Whether it’s addressing water issues at businesses, providing facilities during home renovations, ensuring accessibility, or maintaining hand hygiene, our range of products and services ensures that hygiene and comfort are never compromised. Serving the Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA area, American Sanican is ready to support the community with reliable, high-quality sanitation solutions to help fix any challenge.