As much as we hate to admit it, porta-johns aren’t exactly five-star spas.

But hey, when nature calls at an outdoor event, festival, construction site, or farmer’s market, the port-a-potty is there to save the day!

At American Sanican, we pride ourselves on providing clean and reliable portable restrooms. But as a porta-potty user, there are a few things that you can do to keep our portable toilets fresh and clean for the next user.

Porta-John Etiquette: Do’s

  • Be Prepared: Although all of our porta-potties come equipped with hand sanitizer and some are even coupled with wash stations, it’s never a bad idea to pack some hand sanitizer and tissues just in case the porta-john runs out before we can service it.
  • Be Efficient: We’re not trying to rush you, but be timely. Do your business and be on your way. If you have primping, phone calls, or other things to do, we recommend using a location other than a porta-potty.
  • Be Courteous: Respect the line. Especially at larger events, where multiple portable restrooms are set up, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if there is one line for all the portable toilets or individual lines for each stall. If you’re not sure, ask. But don’t be a line hopper!
  • Be Tidy: Dispose of waste properly and leave the restroom as you found it (minus, of course, your royal presence). Wink emoji.
  • If you see something, say something. Let the rental company or event managers know if you notice something amiss (like a missing dispenser). We appreciate your feedback so we can properly equip the units for the next user!

Porta-John Etiquette: Don’ts

cartoon of people waiting in a line in agony to use a porta potty | rental vancouver portand salem

  • Don’t Be a Litterbug: Dispose of all waste in the designated receptacle. Nobody wants to find a rogue _____(fill in the blank here)___ when they are doing their business.
  • Don’t Be a Graffiti Artist: Now’s not the time to express your inner Picasso. Keep artistic expression off the walls.
  • Don’t Hoard the TP: I know the COVID-19 Pandemic may have given us all a little trauma when it comes to toilet paper shortages and hoarding. But it’s okay. Take what you need and leave something for the next person. Don’t stockpile like a Doomsday prepper!
  • Don’t Be a Splash Hitter: Fellas, we’re talking to you! Aim true to keep the floors nice and dry.
  • Don’t Overstay Your Welcome: There’s a time and place for thoughtful contemplation – the porta-potty isn’t it.

By following these simple guidelines, you can return to what you were doing—festivaling, running, whatever—refreshed and ready to rule the day!

We rent high-quality portable restrooms across southwest Washington and northwest Oregon. So whether you’re in Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR, or other nearby cities and need to rent a portable restroomwash stationADA-compliant, or wheelchair-accessible restroom or holding tank, contact us today so that we can give you a porta-potty quote for your festival, project or event, just like the ones mentioned above!