American SaniCan is a veteran-owned business, and we’re proud to support other businesses, nonprofits, and organizations owned and run by veterans.

Serving in the armed forces is unlike any other experience, and veterans possess a unique set of skills and characteristics that make veteran-owned businesses so valuable to the overall fabric of our communities and economies.

Finding Veteran-Owned Businesses in Portland, OR and Surrounding Areas

Portland, OR sign - finding veteran owned businesses in Portland

Veteran-owned businesses exist across the country, and Portland is no exception. You can find and access Portland veteran-owned businesses through online directories such as Buy Veteran or simply by doing a search and seeing what comes up.

If you’re looking to discover Portland veteran-owned businesses through a local organization, the Portland Business Alliance may be able to help. While their online directory doesn’t (yet!) allow you to search for veteran-owned businesses, you may be able to contact them directly and ask if they provide that resource. Their website mentions supporting local, veteran-owned businesses, so it does appear to be in their wheelhouse.

The state of Washington does have an online directory that allows you to search for veteran-owned businesses in Washington, by checking “Washington certified veteran-owned business” when conducting a search.

Support for Veteran Business Owners

portland, or veteran seeking assistance with small business

If you’re a veteran who wants to start a small business, welcome! The more the merrier. The state of Oregon provides services and resources to help veterans launch a new business. Washington state also links to applicable resources for veteran businesses.

Oregon Veterans Mean Business is an organization that provides support and mentorship, including training, to veterans seeking to start a business or those already running or managing a business. This program is available through four community colleges and universities across the state of Oregon.

On a national level, the federal government seeks to award at least three percent of federal contracts to service-disabled veteran-owned businesses. If you are a service-disabled veteran, you can access the federal government’s Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program here to learn more.

As always, we seek to support and elevate other Portland, Vancouver, and nearby veteran-owned businesses. Thank you for serving our country and making our economy stronger!