Portable toilets provide sanitation solutions at outdoor events and construction sites. However, ensuring these facilities’ safety, especially when placed in high-traffic areas or used at night, is important. Porta-potties are often the target of vandals and other no-gooders. Here are some tips to keep portable toilets safe throughout your rental experience.

Provide Adequate Lighting

image of a street light | safety and security of porta potties

One of the fundamental factors in ensuring the safety of portable toilets at night or in high-traffic areas is proper lighting. Insufficient lighting can create an unsafe environment.


  • Illuminated Pathways: Install pathway lighting to guide users to the portable toilets. Solar-powered or battery-operated LED lights are energy-efficient options.
  • Light Inside the Toilet: Some units are equipped with interior lighting. Ensure this feature is functional, as it makes using the facility safer and more comfortable.

Set Up a Regular Service and Maintenance Schedule

Maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of portable toilets is essential. Not only does regular maintenance promote hygiene, but it also contributes to user safety. Here’s what you can do:

  • Frequent Cleaning: Schedule regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure the portable toilets are clean, odor-free, and don’t seem abandoned.
  • Check Locks and Latches: Ensure that locks and latches on the portable toilets are in good working condition to prevent accidents or privacy breaches.

Place Portable Toilets in A Secure Location

image of vandalism and graffiti | portland and oregon porta potties

Where you place portable toilets can significantly impact their safety. Position portable toilets in well-lit and visible areas, especially at night. Avoid placing them in dark corners or isolated areas.

Add Additional Security Measures If Needed

Implementing security measures can deter vandalism and misuse of portable toilets. Here are some suggestions:

  • Surveillance: Consider installing temporary surveillance cameras near the portable toilets to discourage vandalism and misuse.
  • Security Personnel: Employ security personnel to monitor and manage the area, particularly during events with high foot traffic.

Promote Responsible Use

Educate event attendees or workers about the responsible use of portable toilets. Encourage them to report any damage, vandalism, or unsafe conditions immediately.

In conclusion, ensuring the safety of portable toilets in nighttime or high-traffic areas is an important responsibility. Proper lighting, regular maintenance, secure placement, and security measures are crucial in creating a safe environment around these facilities. By taking these precautions, you can ensure that your porta-potty rental serves its purpose while providing users with a safe and convenient experience.

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