The old saying of Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance isn’t just for school or work. Think about all the times you started a home improvement project only to realize you were going to be without your kitchen sink for a week or more. Or perhaps that you wouldn’t be able to access your refrigerator or washing machine. If you’ve tackled home projects, either as a home owner, landlord, or renter, then you know how a seemingly simple job turns big–and messy–quickly.

That’s why it’s important to know what to expect long before you get started! And to have a plan in place should things go poorly or take longer than planned. Below, we have a few of the major reasons you might need to rent a portable restroom for house projects. Just make sure you have the American SaniCan number handy and we will be sure to take care of all of your bathroom needs.

Bathroom renovation

Perhaps a bit obvious, but if you’ve never done one then you might be in for a surprise! Depending on your skill levels with tools, and your willingness to dig into a project, you might be renovating your bathroom on your own. Or perhaps you have a crew to come in for parts of it. Whatever the case, if you’re taking your bathroom down to the studs to expand, add, or move the tub or toilet, you’re looking at having a bathroom out of commission for at least a couple of days if not weeks.

Perhaps you’re lucky and have more than one bathroom in the house, but if you’ve only got one you can take the stress off the idea of where to do your, ahem, business and just rent a portable restroom! Less stress on the day-to-day means you can put more attention to making the big decisions about bathroom renovations.

Sewer line replacement

If you own an older home, you may have to tackle sewer line replacement one day. Especially if the pipes are deteriorating or your home is on a hillside and the land begins to shift. This is a big job, too, and it’ll require that all water systems are shut off to your home. To help things along, be sure to plan a portable toilet rental so you don’t have to worry.

Flipping a house

If you’re an aspiring house flipper, then it’s a good idea to know that you’re going to need to rent portable toilets! For you and your crew. Generally, the timeline on flipping houses is very tight so crews cut off water utilities and shut off the main water to the house on and off, as needed. When needing to work fast, you can’t have your crew driving down to the closest convenience store to use a restroom. Make sure renting facilities and a wash station is in your budget for any future house flip.