2020 will be a big year for events of all kinds. From weddings to birthday parties and special celebrations (anyone have a 2-20-20 party planned?), it’s a great year and new decade to celebrate. After the fun of planning an event fades away and you are faced with the logistics of pulling off a backyard wedding or company picnic, the stress can intensify. Especially when it comes to figuring out the bathroom problem and solution. 

We have a few ideas to help you with that particular problem so you can check it off your long To Do list and move on to the next item. Got specific questions? You can always contact us for quotes or with your detailed questions about our event services.  

Porta-Potties for Weddings and Parties 

Backyard wedding - rent a porta-potty for your outdoor wedding

If you’re planning a wedding in your backyard, or perhaps at a small country home, and you’re trying to figure out how 50–100 guests are going to use the 2 bathrooms in the house, just stop right there. Almost no sanitation system is setup to be able to handle that kind of volume. Not to mention the lines that will form outside or in the house. Instead, consider renting some extra portable stations to make things easier on everyone. At SaniCan, we offer portable bathrooms and wash stations so that you can provide your guests with everything they need in a clean, affordable way. 

Disguising the bathroom–If you’re concerned about how the additional bathrooms will look at your wedding or big birthday bash, try disguising them with tall plants or shrubs or even putting up a small tent that matches the big wedding event tent. You can also add some decorative touches inside. Check out this handy guide from Brides if you need some extra help. 

Creating privacy–Maybe your outdoor bathroom area needs a little privacy? We recommend playing music around the area, but if you need more than just music consider putting up a temporary fence or some screens. Making sure to set aside an area away from the main stage or event will create extra privacy, too. 

Accessibility concerns–The question of accessibility doesn’t always occur to everyone, but if you are hosting a party or wedding at a small venue and there’s no downstairs bathroom that’s fully accessible, that could be a big problem for guests. From space for a wheelchair to assistance bars, having access to a workable bathroom is important. We provide wheelchair accessible bathrooms so your guests can be completely comfortable. 

Portable Toilets for Small Outdoor Events 

Colorful balloons at a small outdoor event

Will 2020 be the year your small business holds a company picnic? Maybe you have a small farm and are kicking off a new pumpkin patch or your Douglas and Noble Firs are finally big enough to open for a Christmas tree farm in December. Whatever your new adventure is this year, if you’re expecting a high volume of daily guests, then you’re going to need a bathroom solution. 

Portable bathrooms are an easy and affordable solution to seasonal events. You can arrange to have just the number you need for just the few months that you need it. If you’re starting something as seasonal as a pumpkin patch or tree farm, there’s no need for you to invest in building out permanent bathrooms. Especially when the systems will likely sit dormant for most of the year. 

For events like a company picnic or an outdoor celebration, portable bathrooms mean that you don’t have to provide access to the work building for all attendees. If your business has anything that needs to remain especially secure, this can be a real hassle when it comes to event day. Portable bathrooms also open up location options. Depending on where you want to have the event, you may have to seek a city permit for bathrooms, but it’s good to have options. No more parking lot picnic days!

No matter your special event, big or small, SaniCan has you covered. We can make this part of the planning easy and are always happy to answer your questions.