You see them at parks. You see them at 5Ks and festivals. In fact, you see them so often that you probably don’t even think about how or why people rent a portable restroom. As we’ve discussed in many blog posts in the past, our clients here in Oregon and SW Washington have various reasons for renting a porta-potty, and we’re here to serve those needs!

Rent a Portable Restroom for Weddings

Rent a portable restroom for a backyard wedding - wedding with pool and long tables

Anyone who’s planned an outdoor wedding knows that one of the least glamorous aspects is figuring out where people will do their business. You want to focus on the flowers, the decorations–even the seating chart is way more interesting than portable restrooms. However, messing up this piece can be a disaster for the wedding party and guests.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding at a venue that takes care of the nitty gritty details, then you’re in the clear. However, if you’ve decided on a DIY outdoor wedding, then this responsibility falls to you, and we’re here to help.

We rent portable restrooms in Oregon and SW Washington for weddings, and we’re happy to talk you through how many rental toilets you’ll need and give you a quick estimate to include in your overall wedding budget.

Rent Porta-Potties for Festivals and Fairs

You need to rent portable toilets for festivals - a group of young people watch a music festival

Farmers markets, local music festivals, street fairs, and even block parties benefit from rented porta-potties to make the experience better for attendees.

Some festivals and fairs are required to provide porta-potties for an estimated number of guests, so make sure you understand local ordinances when planning your festival or fair. Not renting an appropriate number of porta-potties may put a strain on nearby businesses by encouraging attendees to use their restrooms rather than ones provided by festival and fair planners.

Again, if you have questions about how many porta-potties your festival may need, contact us to discuss your options and needs. In addition to renting porta-potties for festivals, we also offer portable wash stations, which are especially useful at events that serve food.

Rent Portable Toilets for Sporting Events

Children play in a soccer tournament and attendees require porta-cans

Soccer tournaments, baseball games, track meets and other sporting events may be held in locations without adequate toilet facilities. If you’re expecting a crowd, you’ll need to expect heavy toilet use! That’s where we come in.

We’ve been providing portable toilets for Portland sporting events for years, and we’re happy to accommodate almost any size sporting event with standard portable toilets and wheelchair accessible toilets.

We take care of delivery and setup, and if it’s a multi-day or season-long need, we also provide regular cleaning and maintenance.

Rent Porta-Cans for Construction and Home Improvement

Bathroom renovations and home improvement projects require a porta-potty rental

Did you recently buy a fixer-upper? Have you decided that it’s finally time to replace that old non-efficient toilet, and while you’re at it redo the ugly tile and bathtub? Or maybe you’re having your whole house remodeled and won’t have access to plumbing for a while.

Whether your construction or home improvement project lasts three days or three months, we provide and service the appropriate number of porta-cans for your family and/or your workers.

As we’ve mentioned before, if you’re DIYing it, you could ask your neighbors to use their facilities, but that gets old real fast. Instead, consider renting a porta-can and wash station for your home improvement project so that your family has access to toilets and hand washing when you need it.

Questions about how we work? Contact us to discuss your upcoming portable restroom needs and we’ll be in touch soon!