At American SaniCan we rent porta-potties for events, festivals, weddings, construction sites, home improvement projects, and more. We have standard portable restrooms, wheelchair-accessible restrooms, holding tanks, wash stations, and deluxe portable toilets on trailers.

There are many reasons why you may need to rent a portable restroom. To help answer your portable restroom questions, we’ve put together this helpful Guide to Renting a Portable Toilet in Vancouver, Washington.

Why would I need a porta-potty?

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You’ve no doubt used a porta-potty in your life but can you think of a situation where you would need to rent one?  We can because that’s what we do.

Our porta-johns can be used for all types of situations and events.  Plumbing trouble or just remodeling a bathroom in your home?  Depending on the situation you may have to turn the water off for several days and may need an additional toilet for you and your family to use.   

During the pandemic, we’ve seen an uptick in backyard weddings and events.  Although you may think your home bathrooms are enough, a  good rule of thumb is to have at least one restroom available for every fifty people.  This cuts down on indoor traffic and helps reduce virus spread. 

You can find us at ballparks and stadiums, at construction sites and office parks.  Basically almost anywhere where extra bathrooms are needed – whatever the reason – we can be there.

Do I need a Permit?

We often get asked if someone needs a permit to rent a porta-potty. The answer is it depends. For a construction site, you have to provide facilities for workers. If a portable restroom is needed for an event, the municipality may have specific requirements.  Remodels and renovations also have their own permitting requirements that may or may not require the use of portable toilets. You can contact the city of Vancouver or give us a call to discuss your project or event and we can let you know how best to proceed.

What kind of porta potty should I get?

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We love this question as this where we get to brag about all of our awesome products. But in truth, the answer depends on you and your needs. If you are having an event that has a little bit more swag to it then we would probably recommend one of our Deluxe Trailered units. However, if you just need a basic toilet and sink set up then we would recommend one of our standard portable restrooms and wash stations. 

Although we are in a global pandemic, and handwashing is paramount, we think it’s always a good idea to have handwashing stations set up.  Our porta potties come with sanitizer that meets the CDC’s minimal alcohol requirements, however there’s nothing like good ol’ handwashing.  

As a final note, it’s important to keep in mind that your facilities should be able to accommodate people in wheelchairs.  Many homes are not built with accessibility in mind, so if you are having a backyard event consider renting wheelchair-accessible portable restrooms so that your event can be accommodating to everyone. 

How much does a porta-potty rental cost?

Typically, you can expect to pay between $140 to $225 to rent a portable toilet in the Vancouver, Washington area. Luxury restroom trailers can be $900 and up.  But there’s a lot that can make that cost swing up or down.  

The cost of renting a porta potty depends on multiple factors:

  • Type of unit you are renting (basic toilets will cost less than more luxury ones)
  • Duration of rental 
  • The number of units (For construction sites, the American National Standards Institute recommends one portable toilet per 10 workers for a 40-hour workweek.)
  • How often you would like the units serviced
  • Costs of transportation (pickup and delivery)

We’re willing to help you find a portable toilet solution that will fit your budget so give us a call at 503-252-0550 and we can walk you through pricing and what makes for your needs.

How long do I have to keep the porta-potty?

We will fire this one back at you: how long do you need the porta-potty? We can do portable toilet rentals for one day, one week, one month or longer. Tell us how long you’ll need it for and we can work to make it happen.

What is the delivery process like?

We will deliver and pick up your portable toilet at the scheduled date and time.  We make every reasonable attempt to accommodate your wishes for placement however, we will need to ensure that our trucks, employees, and equipment are not in danger or at risk.

Why choose American SaniCan?

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When you choose American SaniCan, you are choosing to work with a trustworthy veteran-owned and locally run small business.  We’re not a referral service; when you call you will speak directly with a member of our staff who will answer your questions and help figure out the best solution for your situation. 

We love what we do and use only the highest quality and most effective products to clean and sanitize our portable restrooms. Our staff and technicians are among the best in business. Your business is our duty and we make sure to have the products and solutions readily available for your needs. 

Additionally, as a locally owned and operated small business we take pride in being able to contribute to our local community. Small businesses are the backbone of our country; according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses represent 99.9% of all U.S. businesses. By supporting small businesses you enable us to help our communities thrive by employing local workers and generating tax revenue for local governments that can be used for schools and fire departments. When consumers patronize small businesses they are giving money back to their communities. 

We rent portable restrooms across southwest Washington and northwest Oregon, so whether you’re in Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR, or other nearby cities, do your research carefully, and if you determine that you need to rent a portable restroom, wash station, trailered restroom, or holding tank, contact us today so that we can give you a porta-potty quote for your project or event.