Renting Portable Toilets for Recreation and Sporting Events

The Seattle Seahawks have been eliminated from playoff contention this year. Sigh. With the end of football season always comes a slight depression. Inevitably, someone will say with hope, “Well, at least pitchers and catchers are reporting soon.”

And just like that, we look forward to spring sporting events.

I know, it’s January, and here I am saying, “Spring is coming!” – but it is! And there’s no better time to start planning for and thinking about the logistics for your spring sporting events.

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We will all be ready to get outside by spring, so now is a great time to start planning for those spring sports to beat the rush. If you’re a parent of a kid in baseball or softball, you know that those games can go on for some time. So along with arranging the selling of concessions, make sure plenty of restroom facilities are available. Since these games are usually held in a park or field, portable restroom rentals are generally the best option. They can be serviced regularly and kept fresh just in time for the next game.

With spring comes other field sports like lacrosse and soccer. So, in addition to nets, cleats, and other gear – make sure your fields have portable restrooms that are accessible to players and spectators.

Let’s not forget about basketball and volleyball! Recreational volleyball and basketball played in parks generally don’t need more than a net and a ball but be sure there are portable restrooms available to make the game even more comfortable.

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Golf and swimming are two sports that are usually held at facilities with on-site restrooms. But keep in mind that huge crowds can quickly lead to overwhelmed facilities and grumpy fans. Renting a few portable toilets can add to your existing restroom count and eliminate overcrowding, allowing people to socially distance themselves and feel clean and comfortable as well.

For all of our runners out there, we haven’t forgotten about you! In the spring, we will see the return of track and field, road races, and marathons. Road races are a great way to raise money for an important cause while getting people active and out of the house. Most municipalities will require that your road race has some portable restrooms along the route – so if you’re planning a fundraising race, make sure you’re ahead of the pack (see what we did there) and book your portable restrooms and sinks today.

As always, we’re happy to assist with the portable restroom needs for your event. Give us a call at 503-252-0550 or email us at We provide standard, ADA-compliant, and wheelchair-accessible portable restroom rentals to individuals and businesses throughout Portland and Salem, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington, and surrounding areas in Washington and Oregon. Contact us today to learn more about our different types of portable restroom rentals, or visit our portable restroom products page to learn more!