We get asked all the time, what’s the difference between a wheelchair-accessible portable toilet and a standard portable toilet? Then there’s the difference between a wheelchair-accessible unit and an ADA-compliant toilet rental. So many terms! Let’s break them all down so you know the difference and what you need to get, and when.

Standard Portables Toilet For Rent

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A standard portable toilet, porta-potty, porta-john is just what you think. The big blue plastic box (and in our case, sometimes, gray) is a self-contained restroom. The standard porta-potty rental comes with a toilet, urinal, toilet paper dispenser, and hand sanitizer. On average, a standard portable toilet has a width of about 43-46 inches, a depth of 46-48 inches, and a height of 88-91 inches. These units are great for construction sites, home renovations, concerts, and outdoor gatherings. In addition, the smaller holding tanks make them ideal for short-term events.

Handicap / Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilets for Rent

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Wheelchair accessible (or handicap-accessible) porta-potties are more spacious than standard porta-potties. They are designed to comfortably accommodate a wheelchair and other features that allow people with physical disabilities to use the restroom. Some of the features you will notice on a wheelchair-accessible unit are the more oversized doors designed to accommodate the entry and exit of a wheelchair. These units also have enough interior space to allow users to perform a three-point turn. Additional safety features include handrails, lower toilet seats, and anti-slip materials. Wheelchair-accessible portable restrooms are great for any event, large or small, where people with mobility issues may be in attendance. Some municipalities may legally require a certain number of wheelchair-accessible units per event, so check with the venue ahead of time or call us if you’re in our area, and we can help you figure that out.

ADA-Compliant Portable Toilets for Rent

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We’ve talked before about the difference between ADA-compliant portable toilets and wheelchair-accessible toilets. One of the key differences is the ability to do a 360-degree turn in a wheelchair in an ADA-compliant toilet instead of only a three-point turn in a wheelchair-accessible unit. Another significant difference is the doors on ADA units must be designed for unassisted opening and closing, usually using a magnetic or hinged door mechanism. These units are always labeled with a blue wheelchair sign and must meet ADA requirements. More information on ADA requirements can be found here

When renting an ADA-Compliant or Wheelchair-Accessible Unit, you’ll notice the dimensions are significantly greater than a standard porta-potty. The width is usually 60-70 inches, the depth is almost twice as much at about 75-85 inches, and the height is 90-95 inches. These units must always be placed on flat surfaces, away from curbs and steps, and in areas that are easily accessible to wheelchairs or to people with other mobility issues. Specific venues may require you to rent an ADA-compliant portable restroom instead of just a wheelchair-accessible unit. Again, make sure to check with the venue before placing your order.

And there you have it! Your quick guide to standard, wheelchair-accessible, and ADA-compliant porta potty rentals. If you are looking into renting one of these units for your next event, don’t forget to add hand-washing stations to keep things clean or holding tanks to increase the capacity of your units. As always, if you have any questions, you know how to find us!

We provide standard, ADA-compliant, and wheelchair-accessible portable restroom rentals to individuals and businesses throughout Portland and Salem, Oregon, and surrounding areas in Washington and Oregon. Contact us today to learn more about our different types of portable restroom rentals, or visit our portable restroom products page to learn more!