Portable restrooms, porta-potties, and porta-johns (different names for the same thing!) are versatile and necessary in locations and situations where traditional restroom facilities are unavailable or impractical. Here are some everyday situations that may require portable restrooms:

1. Festivals

Whether it’s a music festival, food festival, or cultural festival if the event is outdoors (and sometimes even indoors!), there’s a good chance there won’t be enough restrooms for everyone. Check out our porta-potty calculator to ensure you have enough rentals for your festival.

2. Sporting Events

Local games and tournaments often attract parents, supporters, and other spectators who spend hours cheering for their favorite teams. We think it’s a good rule of thumb that you need a porta-potty if the event is outdoors and food and beverages are served. Portable restrooms ensure attendees can focus on the game without disruptions caused by inadequate restroom facilities.

3. Construction Sites

Did you know that the first portable restrooms were invented for the construction industry?

Porta-potties ensure that workers have easy and safe access to restroom facilities while maintaining productivity and hygiene at the work site. Check your municipal regulations about the specific number of porta-potty rentals required based on the size of the construction site.

4. Agricultural Fairs

Agricultural fairs celebrate the rich traditions of rural communities, bringing people together to showcase livestock, produce, and crafts. However, most of these events are outdoors, which limits attendee’s access to traditional restroom facilities. Add portable restrooms to your agricultural fairs so your guests can focus on all the cute animals instead of searching for restroom facilities.

5. Outdoor Markets

Whether it’s a farmers’ market or a craft fair, outdoor markets attract crowds eager to explore and support local businesses. Portable restrooms and sinks allow attendees more time to enjoy the diverse offerings without the concern of restroom accessibility.

6. Tail Gates

We love a good tailgate, but we hate if we have to go and the restrooms are a hike from the festivities. Keep your tailgate fun, safe, and hygienic by making sure there are portable restrooms available.

7. Races and Parades

Large public gatherings, such as parades, marathons, and road races, often require additional restroom facilities to handle the increased number of attendees. Keep spectators and racers happy with the right number of porta-potty rentals stationed along the route.

8. Renovations & Remodeling Projects

Home renovations or remodeling projects may render indoor bathrooms temporarily inaccessible. Portable restrooms offer a sanitary alternative for both homeowners and construction crews.

9. Film and TV Productions

On-location film and TV shoots may occur in areas without easy access to traditional restrooms. Portable restroom rentals can help meet the needs of the cast and crew.

10. Remote Worksites

Worksites in remote locations, such as mining or forestry operations, may also need portable restrooms to meet the needs of workers stationed far from traditional facilities.

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