Sure, we’re a porta-potty company renting standard and wheelchair-accessible portable restrooms to companies and individuals – but we’re also well versed in event planning. Especially for outdoor events, having portable restrooms is a crucial part of the event planning process, and we’ve learned a thing or two over the years. To ensure your event is comfortable and enjoyable for everyone, provide accessible options for people with disabilities. Today, we will be talking specifically about how to make sure your event is accessible for people with mobility challenges.

ADA Accessibility

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that “a public accommodation shall afford goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations to an individual with a disability in the most integrated setting appropriate to the needs of the individual… a public accommodation shall not deny an individual with a disability an opportunity to participate in such programs or activities that are not separate or different.”

In short, the ADA reminds event organizers to be mindful of the necessary accommodations for people with disabilities. Disabilities are not always physical – there are also cognitive and sensory impairments to consider. For more information on accommodating non-physical disabilities, we love this guide on event planning from Autistic Advocacy.

Inclusive Invitations for Accessible Events

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Having a wheelchair-accessible event begins before the event starts. Paper and digital invitations or RSVPs should allow guests the opportunity to request accommodations. Additionally, use your website and social media channels to inform guests about wheelchair-accessible features such as ramps or elevators that may be available. Be sure to use inclusive language, saying things as “people with disabilities” rather than “disabled persons.”

Parking and Transportation for Wheelchair-Accessible Events

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Mobility challenges are not limited to people who use wheelchairs but individuals who use canes, walkers, and scooters. Make sure that there is ample parking for your event that is nearby and accessible for these guests.

Event organizers should also provide information for accessing the venue via public transportation. Google maps has wheelchair-accessible route navigation that easily offers the best way to navigate public transit. Providing these instructions in the directions for an event goes a long way in showing your guests that you are planning an inclusive event.

Wheelchair-Accessible Restrooms

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For indoor events, it’s always a good idea to do a walk-through the day before to make sure wheelchair-accessible bathrooms are in working order. This way, if something is broken, you have time to make repairs or inform attendees of alternatives.

For outdoor events, you’ll probably be looking at portable restroom rentals. However, there is a difference between wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant porta-potty rentals, which we shared in the post, Wheelchair-Accessible vs ADA Compliant Portable Restrooms. If you’re not sure which one you will need for an outdoor event, feel free to give us a call, and we can walk you through the best recommendations based on your event.

Wheelchair-Accessible Lodging

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If your event will require guests to stay overnight, be sure that a sufficient number of wheelchair-accessible restrooms are available in your room block. These rooms will have wider doorways and bathrooms that can accommodate a turning radius. Showers should allow roll-in access and provide seats with accessible water controls. The beds should be at a lower height than standard beds. More information about wheelchair-accessible lodging requirements is available at Wheelchair Travel.

An inclusive event for guests with physical disabilities and mobility challenges goes beyond just providing wheelchair-accessible portable toilets. For more information on how to make your event accessible and inclusive, check out these excellent guides:

And as always, we’re happy to assist with the portable restroom needs for your event. So give us a call at 503-252-0550 or email us at We provide standard, ADA-compliant, and wheelchair-accessible portable restroom rentals to individuals and businesses throughout Portland and Salem, Oregon, and surrounding areas in Washington and Oregon.