Porta potties are the safest and easiest restroom solution for construction sites, festivals, and other outdoor events. But even a standard porta-potty can fill up quickly at a smaller-sized venue. This is where holding tanks come into play.

What is a Holding Tank

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Holding tanks are large containers made of heavy-duty plastic used to contain excess waste from porta-potties. They extend the amount of time that a portable restroom rental can be used before being emptied.

Holding tanks can hold more wastewater than a porta-potty on its own. They are easy to transport and empty and will keep your porta potty smelling fresher longer. 

Benefits of a Holding Tank

Holding tanks allow you to extend your usage of a porta-potty rental. Their large capacity and sturdy construction make them less prone to leakage, which is better for the environment. Holding tanks secure wastewater safely until it can be transported to a municipal treatment plant. These tanks are also quicker and easier to maintain, allowing our teams to service your portable toilet efficiently and saving you money on emptying trips.

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Adding a holding tank to your porta-potty rental will also help to reduce odors in your rental. Although the blue liquid found in portable toilets helps minimize orders, the thick plastic construction of a holding tank further traps any unwanted smells. As things heat up here in the Pacific Northwest, so do our portable restrooms. Having a holding tank goes a long way to reducing unwanted smells that can intensify during the hot summer months. Think of a holding tank as a belt and suspenders approach to odor management.

Do I Need A Holding Tank

When you contact us about a portable toilet rental, we will ask you about your event or construction site to help determine if a holding tank is right for your needs. Several factors will determine your need for a holding tank:

As an example, standard porta-potties have 60-gallon waste tanks. For a construction porta-potty rental, a 300-gallon holding tank should meet the needs of a 10-person crew over a 40-hour workweek.

Are Holding Tanks Expensive

Holding tanks are an affordable addition to your portable restroom rental that can reduce the cost of frequent servicing trips. They offer more time between emptying and help provide a more comfortable user experience.

Whether you’re planning a construction project, outdoor event, or festival, in addition to holding tanks, we can provide high-quality portable restrooms and handwashing equipment. We rent portable restrooms across southwest Washington and northwest Oregon. If you’re in Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR, or other nearby cities and need to rent a standard, ADA, luxury restroom, wash station, or holding tank, contact us today for a porta-potty quote for your project or event.