Are you spending some of your time during the pandemic shutdown working around the house? Perhaps you’ve noticed how that home construction project really needs attention. Or you may be a landlord with some multifamily dwellings in need of a renovation, brought into sharp focus with tenants at home more and reporting problems. Whatever your construction needs, chances are you are taking this moment to start planning for possibilities once our economy slowly reopens.

If we can offer you one bit of advice it’s this: don’t forget to plan for a portable toilet rental! Your project will not only benefit from one, it might even be required by law. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered at American SaniCan.

Why a portable toilet is a green choice

When it comes to construction sites, of any size, portable toilets offer a very environmentally friendly choice. Not only do you not need to build a structure (not to mention run pipes), but portable toliets and sinks use only a fraction of water for the same facilities. They are easier to sanitize and clean, meaning your site can even be professionally sanitized daily. And the portable toliets and sinks take up a small footprint on your site.

Even if you are considering a portable toilet for a small home renovation, it’s still a green choice. Workers don’t need to worry about entering your home or creating mess that has to be cleaned. And having a portable toilet and washing station on site will still use less water than the toilet in your home.

Most construction sites require portable toilets

There’s a reason you see portable toilets and wash stations at big and small construction sites—you need them to be OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association) compliant in Oregon. For any construction site, a bathroom must be reasonably accessible for every worker. And in Oregon, that is interpreted as being in a place where any person could walk to the bathroom, at an unhurried pace, within 3 minutes.

Have you seen portable toilets spread out across highway construction sites? That’s to make sure that no matter where an employee is, they can get to one of the restrooms within three minutes.

While Oregon law does allow for construction companies to make arrangements with other businesses (say, with the convenience store across the street), it’s really best to just rent facilities. You don’t want employees having to cross a street to reach a restroom. That’s a potentially big liability.

Whatever your upcoming construction plan may be for this year or the next, plan ahead to rent your portable facilities. You’ll not only save money and time, but you’ll be making a green choice, too!