Events and event planning look very different right now as cities and states navigate various stay-at-home restrictions and the re-opening of businesses in various phases. And whether you need to plan an event for a company or a personal party, knowing what’s possible (and what to plan!) can feel almost impossible.

We have some ideas to help out with at least one aspect of your event planning—restrooms! And don’t forget that if you have questions about your specific event, or what options might be best for your guests, you can always contact us at American SaniCan. We’ve got you covered.

The new birthday party

You’ve seen the car parades and the socially distanced driveway hangouts. Birthday parties and celebrations during stay-at-home measures have been rather restricted. But as cities and states slowly move into new phases of re-opening, the options for birthday parties will open up, too. But you might have some hesitation about having a large group at your house and we understand that.

Have just one bathroom for a group of family and friends coming over? Rent a portable restroom! Not only can they be sanitized very thoroughly, you can offer a washstand with hot or cold water and/or hand sanitizer. Scrap the hand towels in your one tiny guest bathroom and get a spacious portable restroom (or two) for the backyard. You can take the stress out of disinfecting everything and just leave that to us.

This is also a great solution even when you’re not concerned about germ spread. It’s easier on your sewer lines, water bill, and guest frustration.

Company offices and events

Companies face a lot of challenges ahead as they try to manage their work, remote employees, and comfort in their office spaces. This is especially tricky for small businesses, who may only have one single-stall restroom to serve everyone. If you are working on a plan to keep employees safe and happy, think about adding one of our trailer portable restrooms to your business. It provides a secure environment that can be easily sanitized and it may just lessen the stress your employees feel.

Renting extra bathroom space is also great for any small events you might have to host, such as a conference. If you are struggling to open your business and adhere to city guidelines on distancing and bathroom usage (multi-stalls versus single stalls), try reconfiguring your space with the extra restrooms. They just might make your planning easier!

We know everyone is working hard to try and reopen businesses and keep their employees well. And we want to help you have successful days in the office and celebrations in your backyard this summer. Let us know how we can help make these hard times just a little bit easier.