American SaniCan rents several different types of portable restrooms, and the best one for you depends on your situation, needs, and expected use.

Standard Portable Restroom Rental

portable toilet rental for events - beaverton farmers market

Our standard portable restrooms are what you might imagine when you think “porta potty.” These are standard chemical toilets, typically equipped with a toilet and urinal, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. Simple but effective. If you have a construction or home improvement project that will render your toilet off limits, then a standard portable restroom rental might be just the thing you need.

Event planners also often choose our standard portable restrooms because their size and flexibility (in terms of placement) make them ideal for street fairs, music festivals, farmers markets, sporting events, races, and other public events where portable restrooms will be required.

Wheelchair Accessible Portable Restroom Rental

wheelchair accessible portable toilet rental in Salem, OR and Portland, OR

Depending on your needs or the needs of your event, you may want to consider renting a wheelchair accessible portable restroom. If you’re simply renting one toilet for a home improvement project or similar, and you do not need wheelchair accessibility for yourself or your crew, then a standard portable restroom rental is fine.

If, however, you’re hosting an event, you may be required by law to provide wheelchair accessible restrooms. Even if you’re not required to, consider whether or not it could make your event more accessible to all to have at least one wheelchair accessible portable restroom available.

Deluxe Trailered Units – Portable Flushing Toilet Rental

Rent a portable flushing toilet for an event in Oregon or Washington

While our standard and wheelchair accessible portable toilets are often just fine for most events and situations, sometimes you will want to step it up a notch and rent a fancy portable toilet. What makes it fancy? Well, these deluxe trailered units offer flushing toilets, which people sometimes prefer for upscale outdoor events such as weddings, fundraisers, and dinners, as well as for film and television shoots on location.

These units rent fast, so if you’re looking to book one for an upcoming event, contact us as soon as you can to reserve your portable flushing toilet rental!

As a reminder, American SaniCan serves Portland and Salem, Oregon and surrounding areas in Washington and Oregon. Contact us today to find out more about our different types of portable restroom rentals, or visit our portable restroom products page to learn more!